Loss Adjusting

Loss Adjusting

Our practising directors have decades of experience handling major loss claims in a variety of parts of the globe, though primarily the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

We continue to provide a ‘safe pair of hands’ to handle and resolve claims whilst managing expectations and demonstrating a high level of professionalism at all times.

Some of our key areas of expertise include:


Years' Experience Worldwide

Business Interruption

We have a reputation for handling business interruption claims, including increase in cost of working elements, delay in start-up and advanced loss of profits.

Using our experience, combined with forensic accounting, we can reflect all aspects of a business and the implications of the financial loss on that entity, ensuring that trends, savings and the policy wording is accurately reflected in an adjustment.

We pride ourselves in having the practical experience to assist in loss mitigation, with or without any increase in cost of working, to assist in the continuation of a business and its trading position where our input can ultimately generate an overall claim cost saving.

Our experience has seen us involved in a very broad range of claim types where we have ensured we meet not only the underwriter’s expectations but also those of the Insured and broker.

The handling and adjusting of Business interruption claims are often perceived as being part of a ‘dark art’ where many loss adjusters fear to tread. We take them in our stride, ensuring we take ownership where appropriate to help progress claims to conclusion in a timely manner.

No business wants to experience a major loss, but if one should happen, underwriters can feel confident that we are able to handle any size of claim, wherever it may occur.

We have invested in bespoke support systems and have a technology support second to none to ensure we can focus on the task in hand whether from the site, the office or anywhere in between.

Our service standards are appropriate to ensure matters are handled in a timely manner to meet the expectations and management of any claim.


Property claims vary significantly in their size and complexity but we have many years of experience handling such claims in various parts of the world.

Our team has adjusted losses resulting from pretty much all perils including major fires, storms, floods, thefts and explosions. Whilst the basic principles remain the same, we are able to utilise our practical knowledge and involvement in literally thousands of claims over many years to facilitate the adjustment process.

Between our team and our exclusive consultants we have the resources to provide a ‘safe pair of hands’ approach for underwriters to manage claim spend whilst ensuring a fair settlement to the policyholder in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

Underwriters rights are protected at all times.

Construction and Engineering

Our team members have been involved in various construction and engineering claims in various parts of the world, varying from small renovation type works through to multi-million Dollar projects. These have included residential and retail developments, hotels, commercial and industrial projects and plants together with other works such as infrastructure, ports, power plants reclamation projects.

Our experience enables a thorough understanding of the project scope and costings, appreciating the nature and extent of damage whilst ensuring a thorough examination into the cause and the various responsibilities that might entail.


Cyber claims are fast becoming a leading cost exposure to underwriters, in many cases overtaking the business interruption spend, where the management of the threat, the business recovery process and avoidance of ‘bad press’ have to be addressed urgently, often discretely, but ensuring at all times that the claim doesn’t ‘run away with itself’.

We are well placed and well versed in these issues and have exclusive access to some of the industry leading consultants with personnel who have and continue to participate in global preventative systems, good press access and the ability to apply substantial resources as and when required. These include lawyers, media professionals, forensic accountants, IT cyber ‘gurus’ and a range of personnel who individually and collectively allow us to handle such assignments.

Power & Utilities

Our senior personnel have been involved in a vast number of power and utilities claims covering everything from major infrastructure projects such as power plant and substation construction losses through to major turbine failures, fires in power stations and associated facilities as well as gas, wind turbine and telecoms issues.

We have worked closely with underwriters, brokers and their clients to ensure a detailed understanding of the provider and their responsibilities, immediate and longer-term requirements where appropriate to assist in them managing their customers expectations. Clearly any such expectations have to relate to the policy coverage but we give each assignment the same level of dedication to ensure matters are handled properly.

Depending on the basis of any commercial supply and take-off agreements there can be significant financial implications which also require to be managed from an early stage in the claim process.


Marine claims fall within a broad range of categories ranging from damage to marine cargo through hull and machinery, pleasure craft and the like as well as ports and terminals losses and stevedores’ liability. Over the years our team has managed liability schemes for various stevedores as well as consulting on port related major infrastructure projects where such works might impact on the accessibility, throughput and responsibilities of the various parties involved.

As well as our own personnel we have a number of specialist consultants located around the world who include naval architects, marine surveyors, engineers and consultants to ensure each case is handled appropriately and professionally.


In this day and age there is often a claims culture where one party looks to hold one or more others responsible for a variety of reasons, some with more ‘standing’ than others. Our involvement ensures prompt investigation, the protection of rights and a programme to manage expectations in whatever form. This can mean something as simple as recommendation that a claim won’t or shouldn’t proceed through to ensuring all elements are investigated and evidence gathered, knowing that the case may end up in a courtroom sometime in the future.

Our work tends to focus on individual instructions rather than bulk claim handling but we do have access to facilities to enable numerous claims relating to one incident to be managed in a prompt and consistent manner.