Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

We undertake risk surveys and engineering on a broad range of mainly commercial and high net worth private residential risks, offering a bespoke service to allow reports to dovetail with client requirements.

These can include specific underwriting criteria, risk requirements and compliance as well as the management of risk where applicable.

We undertake assignment for underwriters and composite insurers, brokers and individual clients as well as public bodies and government departments. Our service includes a highly interactive approach to be the eyes and ears of the underwriter.

Insurance is all about risk and the perception of that risk as part of a global market.We undertake risk surveys for insurers and underwriters as well as brokers and private clients, covering primarily the physical risks and potential exposures.

To do this, we undertake site visits for most assignments to enable us to physically view and inspect the risk, its location, and the surrounds to enable us to form our own professional opinion for reporting.

Our Risk Surveys

Our risk surveys have been undertaken in a variety of countries and have included everything from major hotels, sporting venues, factories, ports, tunnels, power plants, commercial and industrial developments, retail malls and residential risks including Grade 1 listed buildings.

We are happy to operate schemes which can include large numbers of individual locations and provide reports in a variety of formats, as well as being able to offer follow-up services to ensure full compliance with our risk improvement requirements or recommendations.

We seek to provide an appropriate solution to risk related issues, rather than simply highlighting problems, though such solutions must be realistic, practical and ethical and financially viable so we can provide underwriters with a level of comfort to enable them to accept risks which are commensurate with all parties’ expectations at an appropriate premium rate.

However, we are not afraid to comment if a risk falls below or is never likely to meet acceptable standards for the underwriters to provide coverage.Our reports are accepted industrywide.